Home Appliance Injection Mould

There are many injection mould for home appliance, such as fan mould, computer mould, air conditioner mould, refrigerator mould, power switch shell mould, stereo mould, plastic cup mould. Of course, there are also some higher-end products. All products of home appliances need to be finished by injection molding. With the development of industry, application of home appliance molds is becoming more and more extensive, performance and quality requirements of home appliance molds are getting higher and production technology is continuously improving.

Senses with experienced design & mould making team special for home appliance moulds, such as for refrigerator, washing machine, Air conditioner, and air cooler, Fan etc.

  • Air Conditioner Injection Molding

Fan Injection Molding

Air Conditioner Injection Molding

And the complete solution of high precision home appliance moulds can be offered according to customers’ ideas , from mould flow analysis, product design optimization, mould design improvement and plastic parts production, which would ensure the smooth surface of home appliance, and perfect assembling.

We are still developing our technology in the home appliance molding to offer the more and more better solutions for the home appliance moulds . welcome your inquiry!

Our team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to making your custom products using the most advanced equipment and techniques including 3D printing, multi-axis CNC machining and plastic injection molding. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price. Start your project now!

When you send us your 3D CAD files, our technicians will evaluate your requirements and advise the best combination of services to meet your expectations. Contact us for a competitive quote.

Case Studies of Our Custom Parts

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