Wheat Straw Degradable Healthy BPA Free Tableware Plate for Toddler Baby Kids. Wheat straw plates for sale. Natural wheat straw. Healthy environmental protection natural material. Learn more our Wheat straw products

  • Forming by high temperature/pressure
  • No heavy metal element
  • Do not contain the lead, nickel etc.
  • Degradable pollutant
  • Contributing to protecting environment
  • Environmentally friendly

Wheat straw plates

Wheat straw dinnerware for sale - senseschina.com

Extraordinary part perfect details, safety, nature and health.

  • High quality material: Wheat straw material, easy to clean, non-toxic & durability
  • 4 colors for your choice: Just matching your food with the right color you want
  • With smooth edges, safety enough for picking up

Senses - Wheat straw plates supplier

Not-slip design: Not-slip design on the bottom, place steady. Natural dishes brings you the enjoyment of health and smooth handle.

Life is not elsewhere, home is always the most nostalgic place in our deep hearts. Senses is a supplier of development, design and product manufacturing. We take life and home as the core concept, design and develop different products and promote the concept of “quality of life” and respect for consumers. Continuously committed to provide consumers with real quality, creative, low-cost products.

Senses pay high attention to the health issues of the community and environment, ensure the health and safety of products and materials, never ignores any link that affects the environment and nature. Strictly abide by the basic principles of high-quality products, to provide consumers with all types of natural environmental products.

Wheat straw dinnerware for sale - senseschina.com