Smoking Tooth Cleaning Whitening Wipe

Smoking Tooth Cleaning Whitening Wipe

  • Tooth Cleaning Whitening Wipe
  • Easy to use, Magical effect
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • The enamel doesn’t hurt tooth enamel


Smoking Tooth Cleaning Whitening Wipe

Smoking teeth buster – invest in a smile and win at the starting line!

Let you easily solve the thorny teeth, tartar stains this annoying problem.
“Senses whitening shnano” uses fourth-generation nano materials: ultra-high density foam:

  • New technology: The latest “nano” technology, a revolutionary way of cleaning teeth – sucking away tartar;
  • New products: Patented products, “clean and white”, no poison, no chemicals, no tooth enamel;

“Senses whitening shnano” can quickly and effectively remove dental scale, tea stains, coffee stains and other tartar on the surface of the teeth; just use that with water.

Easy to use: wet with water and wipe gently;

Safety and environmental protection: nanotechnology, chemical-free;

Magical effect: One to three times, quickly remove tartar;

The enamel doesn’t hurt tooth enamel: The material is fine and it easily absorbs stains.


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