Wheat straw products

Healthy plate supplier

Wheat straw Healthy plate supplier Healthy material non toxin: Made with eco-friendly natural wheat straw, starch and food-safe PP material; BPA FREE, Green and Healthy, no damage to your kids and loved ones! Lightweight and durable: Designed with space-saving style and smooth round edges, light to hold and safe to [...]

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Wheat Straw Rice Cooker Shovel Supplier

Senses for your better health & wonderful life. Wheat Straw Rice Cooker Shovel Supplier. Wheat Straw Rice Spoon Supplier. Creative Wheat Straw Household Non-stick Rice Cooker Rice Spoon. Enjoy the slow life, experience the natural, comfortable life. Suitable for all kinds of rice cookers. Equipped with stand-up handle, this rice paddle is convenient [...]

Are wheat straw products gluten free?

Are wheat straw products gluten free? Yes. Our wheat straw products are gluten free. These products are made from the straw leftover after the grain is harvested, not the grain itself. A third-party test confirmed the protein in wheat that can trigger reactions is not found in our finished products. Are [...]

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