Low mould cost supplier in China. To find a low mould cost supplier in China, we must understand what factors determine the mold cost. The cost of the mold is determined by the complexity of the mold structure and the function of the mold.

Mold production cost refers to the sum of expenses paid by enterprises for the production and sale of moulds. The development of modern science and technology makes the mold develop in the direction of high precision and multi-function automation, which increases the mold production cost accordingly.

Mold production costs include raw materials, external components, equipment depreciation, operating expenses and so on.

From the nature, it can be divided into production cost and non-production cost. The mold production cost we are talking about refers to the production cost which is directly related to the mold production process.

1) The accuracy of the mold. It will cause the level of processing cost. The precision and stiffness of the mold should be in line with the customer’s requirements of product parts and production batches.

Senses Rapid Injection Molding

2) Selection of mold materials. In the mold cost, the material cost accounts for 20%-30% of the mold production cost, especially due to the different materials of the working parts of the mold, the cost varies greatly.

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Therefore, the mold material should be selected correctly, so that the material category of the die working parts should first be coordinated with the required die life, and various measures should be taken to give full play to the efficiency of the material.

3) Mould machining equipments. Mold machining equipment is developing towards high efficiency, high precision, high automation and multi-function, which increases the mold cost accordingly.

Mold Mchining

Mold Mchining

However, this is necessary to maintain and develop mold production, so we should give full play to the efficiency of these equipments and improve the efficiency of the use of equipments.

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