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Plastic Moulding Services

Plastic Moulding Services. Injection molding and other custom plastic molding services provide an effective and efficient way to mass-produce plastic parts and/or products. With plastic molding, thousands or even millions of high quality, high precision parts can be manufactured with perfect repeatability and with relatively quick turnaround times. Senses [...]

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High-quality Automotive Plastic parts supplier

High-quality Mold Maker from China Plastic mold is the mother of industry, and it is required by almost all of the product components in modern manufacturing. Injection mould is important process equipment for the production of the various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and [...]

One Stop Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Service

One Stop Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing Service. Senses is the leading Chinese injection mold maker which provides high-quality custom mold manufacturing and precision plastic injection molding service. Our below advantages will guarantee you a happy deal: Attractive price: Senses has our own factory, without middle man, we can save [...]

Low Mould Cost Supplier in China

Low mould cost supplier in China. To find a low mould cost supplier in China, we must understand what factors determine the mold cost. The cost of the mold is determined by the complexity of the mold structure and the function of the mold. Mold production cost refers to [...]

Advantages of Hot Runner System for Plastic Injection Mould

Advantages of hot runner system for plastic injection mould. Hot Runner Mold, its structure is roughly the same as that of the pin point mold, the biggest difference is that the runner is in one or more hot runner plates and hot nozzles with constant temperature, there is no [...]

China Plastic Parts Manufacturers

China Plastic Parts Manufacturers. We can offer the full range of service from mold designing, making, plastic part molding to printing, assembly, package, and shipping arrangement. In the service of plastic injection, Senses plastic is more than just an injection molder. We provide solutions to manufacturing from start to [...]

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Plastic Injection Molds Classification

Plastic Injection Molds Classification very depend on what we need to make the plastic parts, because every parts have specific and unique design. when design molds we must see what the influencing factor like geometry, number of cavities, ejection principle, plastic material and shape of parts.  The basic classification [...]

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Basic Knowledge of Plastic Injection Mould

What is injection molding? To put is basically, injection molding is the process of forcing melted plastic in to a mold cavity. Once the plastic has cooled, the part can be ejected. It is useful when the parts are too complex or cost prohibitive to machine. With this process, [...]

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Injection Mould Gate Types

A gate is a designed small opening to allow the melted plastics into the mold cavity, a successful gate design is determined by gate type, dimensions, location, it's deeply related with the materials been used, the type of mold plates, and economic factors. Gate design is one of the [...]

How to reduce injection molding cost?

All people want to save money for new plastic injection moulding projects, it sounds easy, to increase mould quality is the best way to lower the moulding price. At Senses, it is not a problem produce 500,000 parts or more by same tool. However, maybe you just need serveral [...]