Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

Plastic Mold Part Manufacturer

Plastic Mold Part Manufacturer. We provide excellent plastic molding products and services for companies all over the world. We offer one-stop injection mold services, such as mold design , custom plastics injection molding and custom mold making. Whether it is metal fabrication or plastics injection molding or a combination, [...]

Plastic Injection Mold Maker China

Plastic Injection Mold Maker China. Senses is a Plastic Molding Factory that specializes in full service China manufacturing solutions in plastics. Our infrastructure in China allows for a one-stop solution for your plastic manufacturing needs from parts design, product prototyping, tooling, injection molding, and surface finishing processes to assembly, [...]

China Custom Plastic Moulding Company

China Custom Plastic Moulding Company. Senses is a full-service custom plastic injection molding facility. Our goal is to be your partner. At Senses we specialize in producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts and mold tools. We offer machining and finishing services to make tools from a variety of materials, and [...]

Plastic Injection Service China

Plastic Injection Service China. Senses is a professional injection molding supplier that provides mold making services and injection molding services at highly competitive prices. We based in China focus on producing high quality plastic injection molded parts and molds, our engineers can provide free design analysis DFM. If you’re [...]

China Plastic Molding Manufacturing

China Plastic Molding Manufacturing. We are a China plastic injection mold company that offers you the best solution for custom injection molding parts and moulds Senses takes a proactive approach to plastic projects, we determine your best pathway to the marketplace based on your project’s goals and expectations. We [...]

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