Injection Molding Part Design. Plastic injection molding is still the fastest and most economical way to make thousands or even millions of plastic parts for every conceivable application. To get the best results requires a thoughtful application of sound design principles early in the product development stage.

Injection Molding Part Design

Getting great results from plastic injection molding requires respect for the properties of thermoforming plastic resins and how they behave inside of a mold tool. Using good design practices at the beginning of the product development cycle will help you to avoid common pitfalls and will improve the look and performance of your parts. Contact us today start your project!

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Advantages Of Plastic Injection Molding

  • Thousands of plastic materials to choose from
  • Make large volumes fast
  • Stable and reliable process
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Overmolding for more design options
  • Tools can last up to millions of cycles

Injection Molding Part Design

At SENSES, we have an innovative engineering staff, which consist of over 60 engineers and technicians.

We establish a unique structure called “technology and costing team”, by which a designated manager can coordinate the whole design process. And the process is conducted by the representatives from each department, among which are Product Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, etc. And all of them work as a unit so as to get the ” Best Practices” for the customers, which is our service guideline.

Injection Molding Part Design

SENSES Mould has extensive CAD/CAM platforms and an Engineering database transfer process to provide excellent flexibility to our customers.

Customer provides the 2D drawing or 3D data in DXF, DWG, PRT, SAT, IGES, or STEP format. And we will appoint experienced engineers to design the mould assembly drawing, and then customize project. By the way, we can also scan samples submitted if necessary.

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