Shoes capsule deodorant supplier China

  • Cute capsule shape, personality and unique, practical and can be used for home decoration
  • ABS material, health and environmental protection, corrosion-resistant and durable, safe and odor
  • Breathable hollow design, the release of fragrance, deodorant bactericidal effect
  • Swivel opening into the shoes, not closed in order to maintain its effectiveness
  • On the shoe to kill odor-causing bacteria on the wardrobe can be kept dry and fresh
  • Also a air freshener, on the cabinet drawers, suitcases, releasing fragrance

Weight: 0.118kg
Package: blister card
Dimension: 18*18*3CM
Net Weight:14.2kg
Gross Weight:16kg

Shoes capsule deodorant supplier China -

  • Antimicrobial shield prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing in shoes, linen closets, storage bins and suitcases
  • Prevents mold and mildew from flourishing
  • Zeolite alumino silicate minerals absorb odors while acting as a drying agent in damp shoes, clothing and space
  • Eliminates musty mildew odors to extend the life of shoes, clothing and other textiles
  • Ambient air flow aids in binding with unwanted particles to remove odors and wick away dampness
  • Eliminates odors at their source, instead of masking over them with chemicals
  • Use it everyday and it will keep your shoes fresh and ready to go

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