Custom Plastic Injection Molding

At SENSES, we have helped clients in a wide range of industries, including medicine and aerospace, to produce high-quality parts and test their designs for manufacturability and functionality.

Whether you need rapid manufacturing or have precision molding requirements with minimal tolerance, our team of experienced specialists can offer a cost-effective solution.

Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities

Our practice of easy, effective communication leads to custom plastic manufacturing design, tooling, and manufacturing that consistently meet – even exceed – your standards.

Whether you need hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of custom plastic parts manufactured, we’ll design and build the most cost-effective molds using the most advanced technologies and methods.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding - SENSES

Custom Plastic Moulding

Advantages of Injection Molding

SENSES provide a total concept solution from design and tooling to production, fulfillment, and packaging. The combined effort of our designers and toolmakers results in molds that ensure quality, precision tolerances, and optimized cycle times. We have the capacity to mold parts with complex geometries and variations in wall thickness.

  • Efficiency: The mold injection process is highly efficient, allowing to produce large orders quickly.
  • Superior detail: The high pressure of injection ensures that the melted material reaches every crevice of the mold before curing. This enables design engineers to incorporate complex geometrics and intricate elements into their designs.
  • Affordability: Fast and efficient production ensures a low cost per part, while high production volumes produce further economies of scale. Aluminum, a cost-effective and readily available material, can be used for tools to control costs.
  • High-volume production: Injection molding with steel molds can facilitate high-volume production of parts into the millions.
  • High tensile strength: Injection-molded parts may be reinforced by adding fillers into the liquid resin, improving tensile strength.
  • Ready-to-go finish: With the proper treatment, injection-molded parts come out of the mold with a smooth finish that requires no further refinement.

Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom Plastic Moulding

One Stop Plastic Injection Mold & Molding Manufacturing Service

Custom Plastic Moulding. We use state of the art technology and equipment including CAD/CAM, several high-speed CNC machining centerswire, and conventional EDMs, milling machines, drill presses, and surface grinders.

Cross-functional teams of designers and mold makers work together to build the molds that are capable of producing production-ready parts the first time.

Precision Injection Molding Design

SENSES Plastic Injection Molding Service

A growing sector of the plastics industry, plastic injection molding is the most common process used to produce plastic parts. The process of plastic injection molding is fast, meant to produce large quantities of the same plastic product in a short time span.

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