Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding. We do plastic injection mold design in China, along with plastic product design and development, and other tooling requirements. We feel we offer a unique perspective in plastic injection mold and product design. Having decades of injection mold design experience allows us to incorporate the “moldability” factor into our product designs and evaluations.

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We can manufacture the injection mold per you requests with competitive prices, as we have our own mold designers and mold making factory.

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding. Plastic injection is the most common process used for manufacturing plastic parts. The production tooling and injection molding are ensured by molding factories. Workshops or plastic injection molding factories possess different kind of machines, such as injection press for instance. Injection molding factories usually specialized in different activities and offer different materials and finishing. Those mold makers use a different kind of machines and accessories to accomplish the production. These machines process thermoplastic materials, the most common being ABS, PC, PP, and Nylon.

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding

At Senses we specialize in producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts and mold tools. We offer machining and finishing services to make tools from a variety of materials, and can produce 50 to 100,000+ finished parts in a wide variety of plastics.

We have been serving customers in various fields, which include Commercial/Industrial Products

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