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Custom Injection Molded Parts Services

Custom Injection Molded Parts Services. Plastic injection molds are typically constructed from hardened or pre-hardened steel, aluminum, and/or beryllium-copper alloy. Steel molds cost more but are often preferred because of their high durability. Hardened steel molds are heat-treated after machining, and they are by far superior in terms of [...]

Injection Molded Part

Injection Molding Services We specialize in high volume, precision plastic parts using scientific molding techniques, modern manufacturing equipment, and an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Additionally, we offer our customers a single source solution to all of their manufacturing needs, including engineering, design, tooling, production, [...]

Injection Molded Parts China

Injection Molded Parts China. SENSES provides one-stop service to meet your rapid prototyping China and low volume manufacturing needs.Customers worldwide love our quality and professional China Rapid Prototyping Service. We are happy to help our clients to build their parts and verify the design. For some cases, we can [...]

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