Low cost mold manufacturers in China have been very popular with western plastic injection molding companies during the past 20 years. 

This behaviour has been primarily driven by the opportunity for OEM’s and injection molders to save up to 70% of mold price compared with locally made molds.

So how to find a good mold manufacturer in China?

Over The Internet

This is the quickest and easiest way. Contact us marketing@senseschina.com,send us your plastic part drawings so we can provide you a free quote. In a matter of weeks, a mold will be on your factory floor ready to go. Sounds good doesn’t it?

We will use correct grade of steel to make the mould, a steel cerfication of steel will be provided. Senses not only act as the best mold maker role, but also is ready to sending you mold spareparts, re-making of broken mold compenents all mold life time service. At the same time, in order to assist our unexperienced customer, Senses’s engineer team has is good at Englis and able to go to the destination country factory for spot service set up service and staff training. This is not only to teach our clients how to use Mold well, but also building the long term cooperation with Senses. This makes Senses brand being the most attractive among the Chinese mold suppliers.