In plastic injection mold design, interlocking refers to the way the fixed half and moving half of a mold are locked together.

Interlocking makes use of angled surfaces on both halves of the mold which engage when the mold is closed.

The purpose of interlocking is to prevent any small sideways movement of the moving side relative to the fixed side so that part wall section and weight remains even for every cycle.

The fact is, when one side moves relative to the other side, part quality problems will get worse everyday.

Interlocking is one of the most overlooked areas of plastic injection mold design. Plastic parts design is another overlooked area. 

Interlocking must rigidly lock the fixed and moving sides of a mold together every cycle. Correct interlock design will ensure quality parts are produced for the expected life of the mold. Correct interlock design also depends on using the right tool steels and heat treatments.

Injection Mould Design

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