Custom Injection Molding China Shop

Plastic Part Injection Molding

Plastic Part Injection Molding, Prototype production is a necessary part of the injection molding industry because the costs associated with producing a prototype are significantly less than going straight to large-scale production. It’s a tried and true method for ensuring your mold is accurately designed and produced prior to [...]

China Injection Molded Parts

China Injection Molded Parts. Plastic injection molds are typically constructed from hardened or pre-hardened steel, aluminum, and/or beryllium-copper alloy. Steel molds cost more but are often preferred because of their high durability. Hardened steel molds are heat-treated after machining, and they are by far superior in terms of wear [...]

Custom Injection Molding China Shop

Custom Injection Molding China Shop. Senses offers comprehensive custom plastic injection molding services to a wide range of industries to serve customers with a variety of production needs. From low volume work to high volume production runs, we have the expertise and facilities to meet our customers’ contract manufacturing needs. [...]

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