Automotive Plastic Manufacturers China. Plastic is cost-effective but more importantly, it weighs much less than conventional materials like metal. The automotive industry will be faced with increasing regulations on fuel efficiency while simultaneously trying to move away from the industry standard combustion engine into electric vehicles. Whether the vehicle is gas or battery powered, reducing weight is a necessity. Injection molding automotive parts results in parts that weigh a fraction of their conventional counterparts and, in most instances, cost less to manufacture. Plastic is also much easier to work with. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of the same injection molding automotive part can be made quickly and easily.

Prototyping and Testing

Creating a new injection molding automotive part can be rewarding. Senses offers prototyping services when the time comes to update or change a part. The prototype allows the automotive manufacturer to fine tune the part and ensure it meets the desired specifications.

Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

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The automotive industry is going through radical changes when it comes to the designing and manufacturing techniques. Various assembled parts and other components are being made from injection molded plastics for better performance and enhanced durability.

Senses is a professional mold manufacturer located in Chang’an Dongguan China, which are specialized in Automotive parts, Consumer Electronics, Medical Care, Household mold making. SENSES ambitioned to be one of the best supplier of one stop for plastic mold making, injection molding for Automobile and other industrial; Based on this Target, we accumulated extensive experience on precision Auto mold & injection molding.

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Automobile engines and interior parts assembly require thermoplastic components and resins for better performance. The flexible and adaptable nature of injection molded parts makes them ideal for manufacturing parts or even complete devices for the automotive industry.

Be it insert molding, micro molding or over molding; the parts derived from these techniques are vibrant and versatile in nature. Thus they can be efficiently used for making components as per the dimensional specifications of the particular automobile device.

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Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Benefits of Automotive Injection Molding

Injection molding continues to increase in popularity, especially as new technology emerges. Its growth brings new opportunities for using different parts made with this method in automotive manufacturing. At the moment, the global industry continues to involve a higher percentage of plastic injection molding parts into different new automotive designs. The good thing with injection molding is that it can keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

  • Repeatability: In the automotive industry, repeatability—or the ability to consistently produce identical parts—is crucial. Because injection molding typically relies on robust metal molds, the final plastic parts produced using the mold are practically identical. There are factors that come into play with injection molding, but if the mold is well designed and made, injection molding is a highly repeatable process.
  • Scale and cost: Though the injection mold-making process is expensive (as well as the cost of the mold), injection molding is a highly scalable process whose overall cost decreases the more parts are made. For mass production applications, injection molding is thus beneficial to the manufacturer. For anything less than mass production, however, injection molding tooling costs may curb the cost efficiency of the process.
  • Material availability: A significant benefit of using injection molding for automotive production is the wide range of rigid, flexible and rubber plastics the process is compatible with. In the automotive industry, a range of different polymers are used for various applications, including ABS, polypropylene, acrylic, acetal, nylon, polycarbonate and more.
  • High precision and surface finish: Injection molding is ideal for producing plastic parts with relatively simple geometries and results in parts with high surface finish quality. Manufacturers have many finish options when producing parts, including various surface textures—such as glossy, rough or matte—which are applied directly to the mold rather than the molded part. Different plastic materials also influence the final surface finish.

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