In addition to our low cost, high precision injection moulding service, Senses also have the on site capability to package, assembles, and performs secondary operations to help shorten the supply chain, provide turnkey manufacturing, and reduce lead times and overall cost.

Our experienced and skilled team dedicated assembly operatives are able to handle various types of assembly work to the same high standards that have made our injection moulding work so successful.

Services Include:

  • Paper/leaflet folding
  • Screw-fitting
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Plating
  • Hot(ultrasonic) weldind
  • Inspection
  • Electrical assemblyIn-cycle assembly and in-house assembly lines available to shorten supply chain

If you looking for a plastic injection moulding supplier who can help you to do secondary operations, assembly in house, Senses Tech can help! Please contact us now.