The plastic injection molding process is a manufacturing method for producing plastic parts. Before the process begins, an experienced mold maker creates the mold or tool used to make the part. The mold includes two halves (core and cavity) and contains all the geometry and features that make up the part specifications.

Once created, the mold is loaded into a plastic injection molding machine where the process is performed. A hopper holds thermoplastic pellets, which are fed into the barrel of the machine. Friction between the rotating screw and barrel melts the pellets. Hydraulic or electric toggles close the mold halves and press them together with hundreds of tons of pressure. The rotating screw then advances a preset distance injecting a prescribed volume of the molten plastic into the mold cavity under high pressure (many thousands of PSI). Once the material enters the mold, it begins to cool and solidify to conform to the shape of the mold. After the material cools sufficiently, the mold is opened automatically and the part is ejected from the core by a number of ejector pins.

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Although it’s one of the oldest manufacturing processes around, the ability of the injection molding process to mass produce complex products is what makes it continue to be a popular choice with worldwide manufacturers.

By melting thermoplastic and injecting it into an aluminum mold at high speed and pressure, manufacturers can create multiple complex parts at once. When the parameters of the process are controlled correctly, there’s also little need for finishing and processing the manufactured part, making it more cost effective and efficient.

SENSES provide a total concept solution from design and tooling to production, fulfillment, and packaging. The combined effort of our designers and toolmakers results in molds that ensure quality, precision tolerances, and optimized cycle times. We have the capacity to mold parts with complex geometries and variations in wall thickness.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies

We use state of the art technology and equipment including CAD/CAM, several high-speed CNC machining centers, wire, and conventional EDMs, milling machines, drill presses, and surface grinders.

Cross-functional teams of designers and mold makers work together to build the molds that are capable of producing production-ready parts the first time.

Plastic Injection Molding

SENSES Plastic Injection Molding Service

A growing sector of the plastics industry, plastic injection molding is the most common process used to produce plastic parts. The process of plastic injection molding is fast, meant to produce large quantities of the same plastic product in a short time span.

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