China plastic injection mould mill

Custom Plastic Molding

Custom Plastic Molding. Senses is the leading provider of plastic injection molds, injection molded plastic parts and complete injection molded plastic products. Conveniently located in Chang'an, Dongguan we’re a full service, one-stop provider of quality custom injected molded plastic components and products. Custom Plastic Molding Whether you’re in the initial [...]

Injection Mold Components

Injection Mold Components. We can manufacture the injection mold per you requests with competitive prices, as we have our own mold designers and mold making factory. Injection mold design is one of most important parts of a success mold making project, we currently have 8 great mold designers with more than [...]

Low volume plastic injection molding

Low volume plastic injection molding. Low-volume manufacturing is the way to go if you need quantities of finished parts ranging from a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands. If you only need a few parts or prototypes, you may want to consider one of our prototyping services. At Senses, we [...]

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