plastic molded parts

Injection Molding Quoting

Injection Molding Quoting. Senses is a full-service injection plastic mold maker & Low volume plastic injection molding company in China. We offer one-stop injection mold services, such as mold design, plastics injection molding, and custom injection molding. [...]

Plastic Component

Injection Moulding Services Plastic Component.  Senses offers comprehensive services for prototyping and producing parts through a plastic injection moulding process. We have advanced machines, skills, and experience to design and manufacture injection-moulded plastic parts. Our plastic injection moulding services are suitable for a variety of industry for designing and [...]

Plastic Mold Parts

Plastic Mold Parts. We can manufacture the injection mold per you requests with competitive prices, as we have our own mold designers and mold making factory. Injection mold design is one of most important parts of a success mold making project, we currently have 8 great mold designers with more than [...]

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