There are different factors that may affect the total cost of injection molding project as we are going to see in this article. If you are new in the word of injection molding then it is very important to have the facts on your fingertips before you delve into ordering a manufacturing company in China to start manufacturing your molds.

By fully understanding factors that may affect or influence plastic injection molding prices, you will be able to design your final mold with these factors in mind. You do not want to go and discuss the project with your manufacturer before understanding the nitty-gritty about factors that may affect the project and total cost.

The following are some of the parameters that may determine injection molding costs.

Thermo-Plastic or Resin Choice: Your resin of choice will determine the cost of the entire injection molding process in different ways such as availability of your resin of choice, quantity, additives, value, compounding, color and many more factors. For example if the resin you decide to go for contains abrasive compounds like carbon, glass or mineral; then this may affect how the mold is maintained.
Design: design stage is a very important phase of injection molding process. The more intricate a part is the more intricate the mold will be. This as a result will lead to extra costs. if you go for a complex design then you should get prepared to pay more than someone who goes for a simple design. In fact you can control how much you spend on design stage by going for a simple design.

Size: if you are going for a larger mold that means the parts must as well be large and more material will have to be used in the process. The more material you use in your mold the more it will cost you. Size may also affect your cost in terms of the time a machine takes to complete injection molding process. More time means more money.

Cavities and volume: manufacturing costs may be affected by the number of cavities your final mold needs to have. Press time increases if the molds have many cavities which therefore affect the cost.

Cycle times, Time taken in a cycle: For machine cycle to be fast there must be uniformity when it comes to cooling through impressions. This therefore means that the process will be high precision which then affects maintenance and construction cost.

These are the main factors that determine injection molding costs. you should be able to have this kind of information before you start producing your molds.

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