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Correct Plastic Injection Mold Design for Interlocking

In plastic injection mold design, interlocking refers to the way the fixed half and moving half of a mold are locked together. Interlocking makes use of angled surfaces on both halves of the mold which engage when the mold is closed. The purpose of interlocking is to prevent any small [...]

Injection Molding Services

Injection molding services encompass a range of critical processes, including material selection, mold design, production optimization, and quality assurance. Each step is meticulously planned and executed to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Understanding injection molding services also involves recognizing the benefits [...]

Your Trusted Injection Molding Factory for Custom Solutions

Senses is a plastic injection molding factory that provides full-service custom injection molding to customers. Here, we turn big ideas (yeah, like yours!) into real-life products you can hold, twist, and use every day. We're super proud to say we're ISO 9001 certified. What's that, you ask? It's like the [...]

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